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  • Аватар для FLY-CENTRE
    Вчера, 00:48
    FLY-CENTRE создал(-а) тему Seize the Carp! в разделе sexyloops blog (eng)
    Travelling to fly fishing destinations is not usually cheap, but there are some affordable options around the world. Portugal is one. Target species...
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  • Аватар для FLY-CENTRE
    12.05.2018, 05:55
    FLY-CENTRE создал(-а) тему Take a Kid Fishing! в разделе sexyloops blog (eng)
    I’m at home looking after Adaline today as Iza is back to work. With the baby having a nap I found myself with a little free time. A day fishing I...
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  • Аватар для FLY-CENTRE
    10.05.2018, 22:33
    FLY-CENTRE создал(-а) тему River Keeping! в разделе sexyloops blog (eng)
    River keeping is something I’ve been thinking about lately. How many times have you fished a pool and though “if only that branch wasn’t there I’d be...
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